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Baloyi, Bushiri’s legal beagle: A tale of a small time Lawyer who became a Legal Big shot through prayer

Baloyi, Bushiri’s legal beagle: A tale of a small time Lawyer who became a Legal Big shot through prayer

He comes from a marginalised society in the Province of South Africa. But then again, they say where one comes from, should not determine where one goes. Let us take you, briefly, through the Journey of the Head of the Legal team of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.
Terrance Ntsako Baloyi was born and bred at Ribungwani Village, nicknamed Rib-City, a small village in the Giyani/Hlanganani district, in Limpopo.
Baloyi is a gentle, selfless and humble soul. He is an ECG die hard, an ordained Steward, serving in the Tribe of Dan and in the Stewardship Department.
This is how he came to ECG.
The attorney was invited to the church late 2015 by a friend. He came again for the Lion of Judah crossover. The connection to Prophetic spirit and anointing was so overwhelming and left him with no option but graciously became an ECG die hard person.
He then completed his Stewardship training in early 2016, around February. He was serving in the Tribe of Dan, tribe or department in church filled with legal gurus.
The attacks upon the Prophet compelled and propelled him to stand up like David did against Goliath, provoked by phillipians/Goliath insults. This is when he knew he’s called to fight, protect and ensure justice prevails within ECG religious fraternity and to ensure Prophet triumph over all forms of principalities and/or unglamorous unnecessary attacks, false accusations and all forms of fabrications labeled against the Prophet.
Indeed he firmly stood, yielded to the call and still to date, legally protects and safeguards the Prophet against authorities that were and still hell bent to destroy and tarnish Prophet image and name. He has taken a firm stand in protecting the Prophet and the church at the time legal matters flooded in.
By his gallant deeds and patriotism to the Prophet and Ministry as a whole, the Prophet equally returned the Favour, recognized and amazingly blessed him, favour him and kept him by his side, made sure not to loose sight of him.
Baloyi jubilantly and proudly remarks that since then he experienced a huge growth in his career and worse the Prophet desireth of him to even prosper even more, from glory to glory, the Prophet always prays for him and encourages him to reach greater heights in his career of his life. Prophet so embroiled to make him an even more successful litigant of his Prophetic time.
He now has an influx of clients as a direct result of being the Prophet’s lawyer. He even has ‘big’ clients across provinces because of the anointing of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.
Mr Baloyi, completed his BA. degree at the University of Cape Town (UCT) and obtained his honours degree and LLB through UNISA. He is a practising attorney in Civil and Commercial matters, Contracts, Family Law, Labour law, Estates, RAF/MVA and Criminal Matters.
He ensures that he is always updated with Current legal matters and recent authorities/case law and judgements, “Studying is an ongoing process for me, I’m currently enrolled with UCT short course on Commercial and Contract law” he said.
His passion for helping other people and his belief in justice, drove him to study and practice law. Being his own boss and getting to determine his salary is, well, in his own words, “…a Cherrie on top.”
In need of a legal advice, Baloyi-Ntsako Attorneys offices are in Pretoria, Church Square, 23 Bureau Lane, Rentbel towers, Office 404 and also in Midrand.
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